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    Me in the club

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    when i was

    a youngblood

    some lady

    took me into a warehouse

    to chop of my left hand

    she said “patrick

    you loser

    now we have

    that goddamned stinkin suitcase

    and now your band is ours”

    she said “now we

    will feed them

    your organs

    and drug them till they’re sleeping

    so we can tie them up

    then in alone


    we’ll make you

    part of our evil scheming

    to destroy rock and roll”

    *epic guitar*

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    Send no flowers, Justin Fox

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  9. Anonymous said: How do I deal with negative feelings? Like depression and jealousy without ignoring them? I don't want to be depressed or jealous and I don't know how to deal with those feelings without trying to shove them away


    A cool infograpic about meditating. Click to zoom in.


    Forrest Curran

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    i know we all like to hate on the tumblr radar but im just so jazzed about this cube look at it go

    ᕕ[ ᐛ ]ᕗ

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    perfect blog

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    Oh yay, now tumblr finally allows me to upload this gif I made 2 fucking years ago. Cheers.

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    people that are in relationships but still flirt with you anyway


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    #who sleeps with all the other disney princes

    that’s probably the most accurate tag

    John Barrowman is the best guy ever
    Does he have ANY flaws?

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